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Sunset Series Bicep Band

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Part of the Sunset Series, the eventide bicep band offers a fresh color for your upper arm and includes a white hook. 

For the boxer, kettlebell swinger, or anyone else looking to wear WHOOP off their wrist, the Bicep Band is longer than a standard WHOOP band and meant to be worn on the upper arm with the device facing forward.Made of our top rated ProKnit material, the Bicep Band is perfect for anyone who breaks a sweat by sliding into gloves, mits or more. Clasp is not included.

WHOOP Strap 3.0 and membership not included. Visit and sign up for a membership today!

Bicep Band Material

Band: 59% polyamide 35% polyester 6% elastane

Hook: Stainless Steel

Washing Instructions

Hand wash with gentle soap in cold water. Air dry only.

Bicep Band Sizing Guide

S/M: 12 inches/30.5cm

L/XL: 17 inches/43.2cm